Topic: Microwave vs OTG Oven – What is the difference?

In today’s busy life OTG or microwave has become an essential part of every kitchen. But the problem is many people do not know the exact difference between a microwave oven and an OTG oven. Infect they are confused about which one they should get, an OTG oven or a Microwave. So to answer your questions and clear your confusion I prepared a short and informative post about Microwave vs OTG Oven. And at end of the post, I will also point out that you should go for an OTG oven or a Microwave. So read this post till the end.

What is an OTG Oven?

The full form of OTG is Oven, Toaster, Grill and it is actually the smaller version of a traditional oven. It uses a heating coil as the source of heat and a circulating fan to distribute the heat properly to cook the food. Using an OTG oven you can easily cook foods like pasta, cookies, cupcake, bread, etc. So mainly you can bake something, toast something or grill food to create your dish.

What is a Microwave Oven?

A microwave Oven is totally different from and traditional oven. As the name suggests it uses Microwaves to cook the food. The electromagnetic waves pass through the food and create a vibration among liquid particles of food. Which eventually create heat and cook your food. That’s why heating up dry food in a microwave is difficult.

There are three types of microwave oven available in the market.

  1. Solo Microwave
  2. Grill Microwave
  3. Convection Microwave

Among the above Convection Microwave is the best. You can bake delicious cakes cookies, Grill, Toast, re-heat, or defrost food without any hassle using a microwave oven.

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Differences between Microwave and OTG Oven

OTG and microwave ovens have several similar functions and both are useful for baking and toasting. But still both the appliances have several differences in many aspects.

1. Difference in Working Mechanism

The Working mechanism of OTG and Microwave is totally different. In OTG the source of the heat is an electric coil, and to circulate the heat a circulating fan is used.

In a Microwave electromagnetic waves pass through the food and create a vibration among liquid particles of food. Which eventually create heat and cook your food.

So the heat distribution is better in the microwave as the heat creates at the molecular level. Also in terms of power consumption, the microwave consumes more power rather than an OTG oven.

2. Difference in Food Preparation

In the OTG oven, you can easily bake, toast, or grill and create your own dish. So for simple cooking OTG is perfect.

In microwave food reheating and defrosting is pretty easy apart from baking, toasting, and grilling. and you will also get a pre-defined auto cook menu to prepare complex food where the microwave will automatically decide the best possible temperature and time required to cook any particular food.

Also in terms of cooking time, the microwave oven is much faster.

3. Difference in Design

The OTG is a simple device, you will get a simple nove control design and operating it is very easy.

But if you want a premium design, touch control, LED display then all these options are available with a good Microwave.

4. Difference in Capacity

An OTG ovens’ capacity may reach up to 60 liters, whereas convection microwaves reach a capacity of just 32 liters. So, for large batches of food, and OTG is a better option. Also, the rotating surface in a microwave is quite small, which makes putting large dishes in it a problem. OTGs have larger capacities but still, they are lightweight are much easier to handle.

We’ve listed down the primary differences between OTG and microwave in a tabular format to help you choose the right option: 

 OTG OvenMicrowave oven
Heating SourceElectric coilsElectromagnetic waves
Heating timeRelatively slow; 15 minutes approximatelyQuick; 5 minutes approximately
Heat distributionLess evenMore even
Power usageLowHigh
Auto-cook functionalityNot availableAvailable
PriceMore economicalMore expensive
Best forbake, grill, and toastbake, grill, and toast, food re-heat, defrost
Best BrandsBajaj, Prestige, Philips, Morphy RichardsLG, Samsung, IFB, Godrej

Microwave vs OTG – Which One You Should Buy?

So now you know what is an OTG oven, what is a Microwave oven and the difference between a Microwave vs OTG Oven. I am sure you already recognized your requirements and ready to choose one. Still, I am going to help you a little bit more.

The functions of an OTG are limited to baking, grilling, and toasting. So, if you want a dedicated appliance for these three uses and want to prepare food only then you cannot go wrong with an OTG.

On the other hand, if you want to prepare various types of food items on a single appliance with help of an auto cook menu, a microwave oven is the right choice for you. If you are too busy in your life then to re-heat stored food multiple times the microwave is more suited.

Top 3 Best OTG oven

ImageProductDetails  Price
backpacBajaj 16-Litre MAJESTY 1603T (OTG)Color: WhiteCheck Price
backpacPhilips HD6975/00 25-Litre (OTG)Color: GreyCheck Price
cordlessblowerBajaj 2200 TMSS 22-Litre (OTG)Color: SilverCheck Price

Top 3 Best Microwave oven

ImageProductDetails  Price
backpacSamsung 28 L Convection Microwave OvenColor: BlackCheck Price
backpacAmazonBasics 23 L Convection MicrowaveColor: BlackCheck Price
cordlessblowerIFB 30 L Convection Microwave OvenColor: BlackCheck Price

Above is the list of some best OTG and microwaves available in the market. For any query regarding OTG vs Microwave oven feel free to comment below. Below are some of our best posts you may like –

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FAQ Section –

Which type of microwave oven is best for home use?

Convection Microwave is best for home use as it as all the necessary features you need.

Can we reheat food on OTG Oven?

For proper reheating of food, I will suggest a Microwave Oven as in the case of OTG it used heat coils to cook the food. So For already cooked food, it can burn while reheating.

What Oven size is required for a family of four.

For a normal family of four 23 L to 30L oven should be enough depending on your use.

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